1st Time Contacting Me?
If this is your 1st time ever contacting me and have questions about appointment times or session details & options, etc., please fill out the form below to get all of the questions I will ask out of the way. I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers and I may forget I have texts or PMs if I am out and about. This “Contact Form” is the BEST way to ensure a quick response and efficiency in answering your questions, minimizing a lot of back & forth.

Not Your 1st Rodeo? (you are an established client)
If this is NOT your 1st time contacting me, you may email, FB message, or text me (don’t forget to announce who you are!) any time of day, but I may not respond immediately if I am in the middle of a photo session, wedding, certain personal commitments/events, and sleeping. Please remember that email is the BEST! If I don’t respond with the other options within 12 hours, the message may have gotten buried.

emailEmail or the Contact form below.

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Please tell me your name and a little bit about why you are contacting me in your 1st message.