Heather Photographers Awarded Best of 2013 on Kudzu

December 12th, 2013



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We’re honored to have been named a Best of 2013 winner on Kudzu. Your voice truly matters to us and we love to hear from you. If you haven’t already, please take the time to let us know how we’re doing. Kudzu Logo
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Heather Photographers Awarded Best of 2013 on Kudzu

Voted by the Kudzu Community as a Top Atlanta Photographer.

Atlanta – December 10, 2013 – Heather Photographers was named a Best of 2013 winner for Atlanta Photographers on Kudzu.com, a leading source for local business information and consumer reviews.

Over 5 million local businesses competed across a wide range of categories including home, auto, health and professional services. Winners were determined based on thousands of votes from consumers in the Atlanta Kudzu community. Heather Photographers received the top honor and will be recognized with a Best of 2013 badge displayed on their Kudzu business listing page.

“I am proud that my clients and Kudzu users voted us as one of the best photography companies in Atlanta. Winning this award from Kudzu only strengthens my commitment to my clients.” – Heather Murphy (studio owner & photographer)

“The ‘Best of’ contest allows consumers to show their appreciation for local businesses that have served them well. Kudzu is proud to be an avenue for this support, and to recognize companies that offer the highest levels of service” stated Fran Wills, General Manager of Kudzu.

Please visit http://www.kudzu.com/best for a full listing of the Best of 2013 winners.

About Heather Photographers

Heather Photographers is a boutique photography team that provides high-quality, artistic & unique custom photography and top-notch service at an incredible value. We have several photographers on the team and we pride ourselves on our talent and customer service. We provide dependable and highly talented lifestyle, portrait, wedding, and brand/image photographers for the greater Atlanta area and it’s surrounding regions. We currently specialize in lifestyle images, weddings photography, natural, candid and photojournalism, magazine style imagery, high fashion, classic studio portraiture, senior portraits, newborn photography & maternity sessions, modeling headshots and comp cards, conceptual, bridal portraits, boudoir photography & engagement sessions. We are based in Canton, GA / Woodstock, Georgia (GA) and have private indoor and outdoor studios.

About Kudzu.com:
Kudzu.com helps consumers evaluate local services and choose highly rated providers in their area. The website features expert videos, business profiles, consumer reviews and money-saving deals in every major U.S. city. Kudzu.com is owned by Cox Search Inc., a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, a leading communications, media and automotive services company. Cox’s businesses include Cox Communications, Manheim, AutoTrader.com and Cox Media Group. For more information, please visit http://www.kudzu.com/.

Heather Photographer is Hiring Associate Photographers!

November 6th, 2013


Heather needs a good photographer to help film parties!

Job Description:

I am on the hunt for the perfect photographer to 2nd shoot weddings with me with the possibility of solo shooting smaller weddings & events.

You MUST have a solid understanding of photography & exposure! Candidate should have a natural ability to spot beautiful natural light, have an eye for composition, be able to find the beauty in all people, and have a kind and pleasing attitude. This position is perfect for the moonlighting photographer, the portrait photographer, or the photographer that would love to shoot weddings but isn’t sure about the pressure associated with weddings. If selected, you will be asked to assist Heather on a trial shoot.

I am building a talented photography team to accommodate all future clients. I don’t want to turn anyone away because I am “already booked” that day. This position is NOT for someone looking to start their own wedding photography business. At this time, the position is not a full time gig; it is seasonal and does not include healthcare or retirement benefits. This position does require a flexible schedule to accommodate weekend events. Weddings can last 8-12 hours on a Saturday. Compensation will be discussed in person.

Job Qualifications:

* Must have a modern DSLR camera with at least 1 of the highest quality glass zoom lens and a directional flash. (Candidate having a backup DSLR is a bonus)
* Must be friendly, smile a lot, and produce smiles.
* Must have plenty of backup camera & flash batteries and at least 64gb of memory cards
* Must be down to earth and flexible with the uniqueness of every wedding, yet organized and assertive when needed
* Must be willing to accept critique on work and want to continue to grow
* Must have a valid driver’s license and a car. Travel to any areas of the greater Atlanta metro area can’t be a problem. (Candidate in close Proximity to Canton/Woodstock area is a bonus)
* Must be dependable and timely
* Must be able to communicate in a clear & concise way and understand the art of positive direction when working with clients
* Must be willing to reflect my style and respect my goals and philosophy

How to Apply:

Send me an email. Use the subject line: “Associate Photographer Position”
Include the following:
1. Your personal philosophy or approach to anything (photography or life in general)
2. A little about yourself and why you think you’d be a good candidate
3. Current “resume” including work experience (doesn’t have to be photography related and it doesn’t have to be a formal resume…I just want your work and any special talents)
4. Portfolio (this can be Flickr, Facebook, etc.) You don’t need a website!

Are digital files and professional printing important to you?

December 2nd, 2011

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The world doesn’t exist before 2002!

August 2nd, 2011

I’ve avoided it for a long time now. But the time has come… It’s as if the world doesn’t exist before 2002!

I am of course referring to non-digital images: prints, slides and other miscellaneous cutouts and memorabilia; The images that are in a shoebox, in a drawer and in albums that are coming apart.

I got my 1st digital camera on my birthday in Aug. 2002. A 3MP Sony. The beauty of 35mm film was traded in for pixelated, washed-out images. But who cared?!? The images were all on a hard drive now and they were so easy to access and make lifetime stories with in slideshows, videos and digital albums! My youngest daughter has her whole life documented in digital form. But my oldest daughter’s 1st 3 years are on film. She is just going into middle school and I want to create a digital album of her life so far. I have 3 years of scanning to do.

Do you know what settings to put your scanner on?
Do you know how to organize your folders?
Should I back up my files once they are scanned in?
What do I do with the old prints?

What settings should I have my scanner on?

I don’t do ANY color or sharpness adjustments in the scanner software. Those refinements should be done in editing software. For now, you want the best representation of the image being scanned. Place it on CLEAN glass: use a clean eyeglass or lens cloth and lens cleanser to clear the surface of all fingerprints, smudges and dust. I scan 4x6s at 600 dpi. I scan 8x10s at 300 dpi. Slides should be scanned in at 1200 dpi. Slides require a special scanner. Please note that any image taken by someone else is automatically copyrighted. It is illegal to duplicate a professional photographer’s images. Don’t get in trouble.

How should I organize my folders?

I organize my folder chronologically (by date). I start with a folder labeled “2011.” Inside “2011” are 12 folders labeled “2011_01,” “2011_02,” etc… Inside those folders are more folder named by the event, such as “heather_bday” or “graduation,” etc…. When I have random shots, I just place them directly in that month and don’t even name a special folder.

Should I back up my files once they are scanned in?

YES! Any file that is important to you should be in 3 places (2 at the minimum). For my scanning project and most photos I have, I use 2 places. I have them on an external hard drive AND they are backed up to “Crash Plan.” Crash Plan is a cloud service. If my hard drive ever failed, I can restore all of my files back onto a new hard drive from Crash Plan. Crash Plan is not intended to be used as an offsite storage for working from. The file recovery is slow. It is for emergencies and costs about $6/month.

What do I do with the old prints?

I suggest that location #3 for backup is the original prints. But if the space they are taking up drives you crazy, I suggest that you keep all carefully composed prints, professional prints, polaroids, vintage prints, black & whites, and negatives. Toss the 4x6s on generic photo paper. This is what I may do. Wouldn’t it be nice to free up that space?

The Big Box Portrait Studio – What’s The Deal?

March 31st, 2011

This image is not from Heather Photographer

I just saw an ad during Good Morning America for a national portrait studio. You get “over 40 portraits, 6 greeting cards and a photo CD for only $9.95!” Sounds like an incredible deal, doesn’t it?

Here’s the real deal:

  • Instead of “40 portraits,” they should say “1 portrait, 43 prints of 1 pose (sizes and amounts of their choosing – who needs 32 wallets?)”
  • 6 greeting cards – to add perceived value
  • Instead of “photo CD,” they should say “1 digital image on disc”

Now, here is the small print:

No subject fees or additional charges. Only one $9.95 Portrait Package Special of your favorite pose per family or group. Offer not valid for business purposes, individual adult subjects or unaccompanied minors. Offer subject to change at any time.

What does that small print mean?

They start with something nice. They won’t charge you whether you have 2 people or 10. ok.

The next line limits your group to only 1 pose at the special $9.95. But what if you want 2 poses – or to be crazy, what if you want 6 poses? You may want 1 of the kids, 1 of each individual kid, 1 of the nuclear family, 1 of the extended family, 1 of mom & dad…etc. That’s at least 6 poses you are trying to get made. There are no advertised prices for the 5 extra poses.

They say on their site “Most sessions take about one to one and a half hours.” That’s a lot of time to take 1 pose, select from the 5 snapped and to have your prints printed off and photo CD burned. They are allotting time to take additional poses and to administer the dreaded sales tactics.

They don’t make money on the $9.95. They are counting on you buying additional poses, prints, and images to add to the photo CD. Of course all of this is, in most cases, expected. So let’s say you can budget for a $50 final bill. That’s reasonable. Much less than boutique photographers and still very professional looking. They couldn’t possibly charge me more than 5 times the original amount, could they?

The Results:

If you want additional poses, you are required to buy prints. The digital image of the pose will be put on your disc complimentary. Each additional pose will be a minimum of $15. They have packages where you get 3 sheets for $16.95. So, if you were to get 6 poses in all, the minimum cost of your session would be: $85. this would include:

  • 6 poses
  • approximately 12 sheets of prints
  • 6 digital images on a photo CD

If you only want 1 pose, it’s a GREAT deal. Any more than that, I’d consider a boutique photographer.