About Heather Photographers

Heather Photographers was Established 2006. Heather Photographers’ private studios & gardens are in Canton, Georgia, a northwest suburb of Atlanta. We are also available for on-location sessions and destination weddings. Murphy Gardens (Heather Photographer’s 1/2 acre outdoor studio) backs up to protected “forest” land for portraiture. We also have a small indoor studio with backgrounds and lighting.

Service Areas

Weddings: We serve all of the metro Atlanta areas (north of I-20 and west of I-85) as well as the North Georgia Mountains with no travel fees.
All other destinations may incur a travel fee. If it is an exciting location, we may be willing to make a deal. I have a passport!
Portraits & Corporate: No travel fee within 20 miles of Canton, GA.


We shoot with the latest technology in cameras and several of the highest quality lenses. We also have a full set of high quality backup equipment just in case. “Budget” photographers do not have this. We have portable daylight balanced lights for corporate headshots sessions. We have 3 solid backdrops: white, black, and dark grey. If enough time allows, we are able to order anything that is needed or scout any location for the perfect backdrop.

Studio Owner Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy

Studio Owner | Master Photographer

Heather earned a BA in Film & Video which lends highly to her individual, unique approach to taking pictures and her art of storytelling through photographs. 2016 will mark a decade of professional photographic greatness. Because not all valuable skills that lend to her business are photography based, Heather’s “character” education dates back to the 70s; She plays well with others, shares and doesn’t hit. Heather has a keen eye on how to mix color, form and function. Brides, event planners, CEOs and entrepreneurs all agree that Heather snaps beautiful photos capturing life, love and spirit.

Heather’s Portfolio



Lead Wedding Photographer | Stylized & Photojournalist

Bekah is at the ripe old age of twenty two, a bit of a book and tech geek, non-judgmental wine lover, random fact spouter, and she shoots people …and other stuff, too. Don’t let her age fool you, she is a photo beast and can take charge of your entire family! She is an inspiration to work with. Funny enough, she started out in university majoring in biochemistry, but she’s always had a passion for anything to do with a camera. She switched majors shortly after taking a few elective film/photography classes. Bekah’s grandfather documented his entire life in images from going to college, to meeting his sweetheart (her grandmother), to the time he spent in the war, all the way up to his passing. Looking through these photos, with handwritten notes on the back, has made Bekah realize how important photography is. A photograph isn’t just a picture; it is a tangent memory. This is why Bekah loves shooting weddings. She shoots a mix of editorial and fashion inspired images. From posed to candids, Bekah loves being able to capture the emotions and feelings of that special day, and have them translate into an image that stands the test of time. “This is my work and my life and my pride and joy. It only goes up from here.”

Bekah’s Portfolio



2nd Wedding Photographer | Photojournalist | Documentarist

In 2011, Kelley said “Goodbye” to corporate America and was on her way to following her dreams and doing something that actually mattered in the lives of other people. She considers being invited into the most important events of strangers and some of their most intimate moments when professing their love for one another a high privilege. Creating photographs of these sacred moments and giving those memories back to people is stunningly powerful. She is preserving moments that are important to them and will be cherished for decades. She loves people who are open to whatever creativity will be used to tell their stories. Finding similarities and what connects her to them is at the heart of her focus. But just in case you side with her husband and feel that her love for 60s and 70s hippie folk music is for the birds, that’s okay. Because she’s just as enamored with finding and celebrating your differences and what makes you…you. People matter most and that love is what connects us all. Kelley is more of a documentary photographer and allows your wedding to unfold in front of her camera. She doesn’t copy Pinterest images, she makes them!

Kelley’s Portfolio



2nd Wedding Photographer & Lead Small Wedding Photographer | Food | Real Estate

In 2010, Traci made the leap to follow her dreams and has never looked back. Having earned a BA in Psychology she had spent several years working in a “corporate world” trying to find her passion. Luckily it found her. She signed up for a basic night camera class at a local community college and the fire was lit. From there she immersed herself in this unfamiliar joy she felt when she held that camera. “I have been blessed to have worked along side some amazing photographers who taught me so much and guided me to be where I am today.” She enjoys the beauty and emotion you can capture in one image and how it can convey so many different stories depending on how you look at it. “There is such beauty everywhere, in a bride’s first glance at her groom on that special day, in an amazingly crafted meal and in the love of what was and is to become someone’s home. It just takes my breath away!’

Traci’s Portfolio


Family Portraits | Studio Portraits | 2nd Wedding Photographer

Sarah has been photographing since 2002 after studying photography with City & Guilds in England, having earned 4 distinctions with them. She has always been involved in creative fields, having worked as a graphic designer for 11 years and always believing you have to love what you do. Sarah’s favorite style of photographing is unposed, where it is evident that the person being photographed is having fun, or being captured in emotion.
Sarah does 2nd camera on weddings, helps with posing newborns and does great studio & natural-light portrait work.

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Senior Portraits | 2nd Wedding Photographer | Natural Light Portraits | Cake Smashes

Angie is a simple southern girl that likes taking beautiful pictures and being 2nd camera for me at weddings. She is a great addition to the team! Angie only photographs on evenings & weekends. She loves Senior Portraits, wispy romantic fields, and doing 2nd camera on weddings.

Angie’s Portfolio